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It's now been five years since Brown developed his tool to hack into these systems and plenty of companies have switched to a more secure, higher frequency standard; however, there are still many businesses that have not updated and still use the khz EM cards and fobs, which makes them very vulnerable to attacks. People ask questions like: Since the frequency is significantly higher, compared to the KHz version, the amount of bits that can be sent per second is significantly higher.

That means the data on the chip to be encrypted will be greater, rendering it more secure. Now that encryption is available for these cards, the way they communicate with a reader device is to send out a signal and the reader reads it.

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Unlike before, however, it no longer advertises all of its data; instead, it only broadcasts data that is public—like its ID and name. To access sensitive information, you have to provide that sector of memory with the right key—otherwise, it will show up blank. Even though these cards are a lot more secure, once you know the encryption algorithm you can decrypt them and access the sensitive information. With that, people can also clone these cards relatively easily.

Since most Android smart phones running the Android OS have NFC on them, reading these cards and, in certain cases cloning them, is easy. Hold on!

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Your DataWriter Client encoding software for DataWriter Server is now It mean that you are now capable from your Mac to encode RFID cards easily and free!. USB NFC Reader / Writer (ACRU) and FREE Software (Mac The ACRU is a USB NFC Card Reader / Writer. Using MHz Contactless (RFID).

Although the BlackHat guide works well it can be a bit frustrating to use, since you have to get some components together and hack away at a guide for an hour or two to see some results. Pro Tip: Go to your settings and search for NFC, make sure to enable it.

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Now we can start cloning cards that have never changed their default sector password. The app comes with the default keys set by the manufacturer of NFC cards, you would not believe how many people never bother to change this. Once we have read the key or fob we want, we can store all of the information onto a file. We can then use this information and write it back onto an empty card, essentially cloning the original or fob.

They provide an added level of security to the already existing Mifare Desfire NFC cards, making them incredibly secure.


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USB NFC Reader / Writer (ACR122U) and FREE Software (Mac ...

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