Xbox emulator for mac ppc Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter whitesaint Start date Nov 20, The most transistors the 2. But the new xbox's PowerPC has million transistors!

Is Apple really ripping us off this bad? Or is IBM giving Microsoft the benefit of the doubt when it comes to processor designs? I'm not trying to sound like im bashing apple and loving microsoft cuz i feel quite the opposite. Sorry I just need to vent. MisterMe Registered Nov 20, Oh, please. This has been talked to death. Once again for those who haven't been paying attention.

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The Cell processor used in the Xbox is not a candidate for a general-purpose computer--not from Apple, not from IBM, and not from anyone else. Please do some basic research on this topic.

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You might begin by searching this forum. ElDiabloConCaca U.

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Prime Nov 20, Yeah, right. First of all, you're comparing a box with no expansion capabilities to a highly-expandable desktop computer.

PearPC 0.5.0!

If anything has, it most likely will run on Mac OS 9 without an issue. Outside of It's more so that only one person maintains the original xbox port (afaik When Mac was PPC, Zophar was still the hugest emulator portal. Long before Xbox and PS/3, not only was Apple using PowerPC to run Mac OS on, but Microsoft Windows itself ran on PowerPC-based.

That right there makes your comparison moot -- you might as well be comparing your microwave to your stove in terms of video display capabilities. Second of all, as MisterMe said, the processor used in the XBox is NOT a general-purpose desktop computer chip, but a highly specialized multimedia chip. It would not be suitable in a desktop computer.

They do one thing play games and they do it well. Computers, on the other hand, are built to handle a variety of tasks -- from multimedia to number crunching to games to video blah blah blah. There's no comparison. Microsoft also sells every XBox at a loss. They lose money every time a unit is sold. Apple does not. Every computer unit Apple sells turns a profit for them. Just because two processors use a similar instruction set does not mean you can compare them.

The processor in the XBox is not a G5 -- while similar to one, it is not one. In addition, how many XBox s do you think Microsoft will sell vs. You think more people will have a or a Macintosh computer? IBM is selling many more processors for the XBox than they are for Macintosh computers, meaning Microsoft gets a bigger discount than Apple. There is just absolutely no comparison. Am I the only one that sees a problem here?

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Nov 21, I wonder whether they will end up putting OS X on it. Would be interesting to how it would run. Does the Xbox have RAM? If so how much, and if it doesn't just ignore this line of my post. Cause it would look rather embarrasing. Pear PC I ran early versions Summer 04 and it took 6 hours to install Well, back when the PS2 came out plenty of people bought into the hype about how fast it was, and talked about building a supercomputer from clusters of PS2's.

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I also updated the about page to reflect recent development. I'm not trying to knock the new X-Box here, but in regards to the PS3 I have to say I haven't been honestly excited by the prospect of a game system like this since I was a kid. Please do some basic research yourself. The XBOX shell had nothing plugged into it at all. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Holy crap would I love that.

If you're really that angry, buy an xbox instead of the PowerMac. No, forget about that smiley Take that seriously instead: There's a completely different marketing strategy.

xBox 360 PPC vs PowerMac PPC

Xbox doesn't use the Cell architecture. That's the PS3. The Xbox 's design is actually closer to the desktop G5 in philosophy Prime Nov 21, If you can get the integer operations working, you're good to run much of the basic operations of the OS. However, the real difficulty starts when trying to boot a Mac. It's not made clear where in memory a Mac starts loading code from judging by Apple's own documents.

If I'm unable to get Cuda VIA properly emulated, this will likely be the route to go down, but it's no walk in the park either. As for memory mapping itself, I'm generally following the one specified by the Grackle a.

Xbox 360 Emulator - For PC, (Win,Mac)

MPC documentation. The OpenFirmware device trees that were formerly on the PenguinPPC website are also helping significantly in determining where each component is mapped in memory. These were saved by the Internet Archive and prove to be valuable. New to emulation? To get started, or Join us on! To get started or Click me!

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