Erasing hard drive mac 10.6

Wiping a MacBook with Snow Leopard and no discs... Update Oct In OS X Also, there are no longer radio buttons to select how many passes to erase.

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There is a slider that goes from Fastest to Most Secure. Select your preferred language from the list presented. In the left pane of the Disk Utility window, click on the hard drive you want to erase. In the right pane of the Disk Utility window, click the Erase tab. Click the Security Options button.

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I recommend that you select the 7-Pass Erase options, but you could choose the Pass Erase option. Click the radio button in front of 7-Pass Erase.

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Click OK. Click the Erase button next to the Security Options button.

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It supports for Mac OS X I download it and install it on my Mac OS X It is pretty simple to use. If you are going to erase hard drive data under Mac OS X When I launch it on my Mac, it shows three data erasure modes on the left of the main interface. This mode is designed for permanently erasing selected files or folders on the Mac.

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You can now read the latest and greatest on Mac adware and malware at Malwarebytes. But, after a little of over four fabulous years, we knew we both needed a fresh new start. Keep the default settings and select Erase. Once you have completed the seventh step, you should have your machine back to a state pretty close to where it was before, though hopefully without the issues that caused you to go to all this trouble in the first place. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Now I have Yosemite.

It is very fast. The selected files are permanently erased within a short time. There is no need to zero out the drive. Erasing is sufficient, there is no malware that can survive that. Malware would have to somehow embed itself into the hardware such as in the firmware in order to survive a hard drive erasure. While just hitting Erase gives you a clean drive to reinstall to, it would be a very good idea to to zero the data.

The zeroing touches every block of the drive, so if you do have a bad block it would be found and retaliated to a good block. This would be more important on a drive 3 years and older vs a newer drive.

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It was true years ago, but modern drives automatically map out bad blocks as they are encountered. Zeroing the drive these days is only important if you want to wipe the data and prevent it from being recoverable.

I really want to do a totally clean install of ML. Is there a straightforward way to accomplish that?

You can download the Mountain Lion installer, then make a bootable install disk out of it and use that to erase the hard drive and install ML. If you make a bootable install disk according to those directions, then you can install in an offline situation. Search for: Step 1: Back up! Step 3: Reinstall This step is pretty simple — just follow the directions to reinstall the system on the newly-erased drive.

Step 4: Update Once your system restarts successfully, you will need to be sure that it is fully up-to-date. Step 5: Reconfigure Once your clean, new system is up and running and fully updated, work on getting all the settings back to the way you like them. Step 6: Import data selectively! Step 7: Reinstall applications At this point, you can start reinstalling any other applications you might have had installed.