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How to connect game controllers to your Mac How am I suppose to use the gamepad and is anything suppose to notify me my Mac detected the gamepad? It works without drivers and there is no configuration or settings screen. You just configure it in the game Or application you want to use it with. What game are you trying to use it in? Most of the time you'll need to map the buttons. It's one thing I miss since I started using windows more regularly after my hackintosh died. XInput is for Windows, so you have to use it on DirectInput.


You won't notice the controller doing anything outside of a game, but it should work within a game that has DirectInput game pad support. Some games will automatically assign controls to the buttons, other games you have to manually assign them within the settings.

I bought an app called Joystick Show and it indeed showed my gamepad. So it's working. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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The games have to support it. I am very happy with the purchase and have been playing some real classics on it. Its fantastic. And some of the games even support the analogue sticks and left and right analogue paddles: Absolutely the most fun I have had in a while. Its never been the same on a keyboard and flight sims, action or racing are just so much better when you can thrash some real analogue sticks and rapidly click multiple buttons in panic or satisfaction. The best thing is that it gives real button clicks that a modern laptop keyboard just doesn't have the satisfaction at all with is membrane short click.

If I can convince my wife or friends to have a go I will definitely buy another controller. Totally configurable and programmable where windows 10's built in configuration, steam and many games make it so easy. Great Controller! Needed a little reconfiguration at first but other than that I've had no issues with it. Would totally recommend this if you're on a budget and need a controller asap Really affordable controller. Would totally recommend this if you're on a budget and need a controller asap.

Jared R. The analogue sticks are the only thing that let it down really. They don't seem analogue at all. Super cheap and works OK. Logitech F 21 May Really great controller for the price, would definitely recommend it to anyone on a budget and wants a decent controller for gaming. Really great controller for the price, would definitely recommend it to anyone on a budget and wants a decent controller for gaming.

Xbox Controller Clone 9 April This is a good gamepad. It is plug and play on Windows and the configuration is certainly the same with Xbox controller. Thus, it is a clone. The difference is the D-pad and analog stick location. Quality is good. However, I can feel certain fatigue on my thumbs on using this after couple of hours using it. I don't feel this fatigue when using Xbox controller.

F310 Gamepad Designed for the PC gamer looking for an advanced console-style controller.

I have both of them so I am able to compare. But of course, you get 2 of these for the price of 1 Xbox controller. If you have young kids, just give them these so they won't break the expensive ones. This is a good gamepad. Great for games. Great Game pad. I got two of these controllers to play Tekken 7 battles and GRID racing under Windows 10 - they work brilliantly, have survived several drops and general punishment, and are nice to hold. Logitech MPN: Date Created: North Shore. Auckland CBD. Auckland Uni.

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Share this Product. Don't show this again. Standard D-pads rest on a single pivot point, resulting in mushy control. I tried to connect it with the switch set to DirectInput, I tried to press the connection button and I tried to connect it directly to the Mac instead to a USB hub. These last tools are useful especially if you have a controller that only has driver support for Windows. The Switch in the back I believe has something to do with the Xbox Compatible mode so it will detect for my Win Already have an account?

New Plymouth. Head Office Web. Your recently viewed items 1. Customer Testimonials - See More. Years on, I still had his email address so I thought I'd give it a go; depsite him no longer working in sales or even in Christchurch he helped me select some great components to meet my needs and ensured everything would arrive promptly and would work together.

After the components arrived I had a couple of installation questions and again he was more than happy to help guide me with advice. This is the kind of service you all too often don't find any more. Thanks William! Thank you". We also discussed potential future options if my requirements grow.

Great service, appreciated, thanks. Please make sure that he is rewarded for his exceptional work and knowledge of computers! I recently came in to pb tech just yesterday to purchase a new gaming monitor. I had already been in a few month prior and one of you sales suggested a couple of good potential monitor, although they were good they were not at all ideal.

Logitech f310 - совместимость с MAC OS + небольшой обзор и впечатления от геймпада

As I am a console player only. So yesterday when I came in, and asked about them again I had a different sales person. Jordan Sharplin. I told him about the one the other sales had suggested, jordan said. He ended up finding the perfect monitor for me. A very nice Acer and it was even better quality than the previously suggested screens. This man Jordan saved from certain dooms and I am so happy with the monitor I have purchased. It is beautiful and it runs spectacularly. Could not be happier. Well I could be happier actually, this young man Jordan sharplin is sharp with his knowledge of these technologies.

He was very patient and listened very well, to use is super pb tech abilities to find the best version of best monitors for me. He is an amazing customer service he is humble and excited happy and smiling he wasn't just trying to sell a screen to make a sale he wanted to help the person in need good vibes all round I would absolutely love to walk in to your hornby branch again when I come to get my computer in. But to find out this man got a pay rise for being such an incredible part of your team.

He knows his stuff and he doesn't fluff around. Pay rise this man today. God only knows we deserve one, especially the good ones like Jordan.

It's not every day you walk in to a shop. And leave with the feeling that you can't wait to go back. Thank you very much, Jordan you have made my Christmas. And pbtech you have earned your next valued customer. Merry Christmas. And happy new year". I did that on Linux a couple of months ago for one of these arcade joysticks and an old Gravis Gamepad Pro. Reading from one of those joysticks blocked until there was input and for the other reading always returned immediately.

For the one which blocked I created a python thread which blocked on input and wrote to a thread-safe structure which the main Python thread checked. It all worked perfectly in the end but was not especially quick and easy to write. Threading in Python is easy but still more work than not. PyGame and Pyglet both support joysticks but their joystick stuff is integrated with the event systems for those APIs. That did not work for my application but might be fine for what you are doing and should be much easier code to than is that HID API binding.

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