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Computer Online Store Open: Grand Big Mac was still a meal by itself though lol. Think I tried to eat the Giga Big Mac 2. Felt sick afterwards. The Grand is a measly 1. Well it's like eating 2. Only I tried to eat the Giga Big Mac - full info: Only learnt now it was 2.


It can also generate QR Codes. These adjustments are easy to make, as the following steps will show. Cart 0. Felt sick afterwards. I deleted it ages back cos it was a dumpster fire. Seems to be bigger than a double quarter pounder.

Maccas are not normally on my diet. Got it. Seems to be bigger than a double quarter pounder. More width than height I suppose and the meat is the same thickness. You call hamburgers steamed hams? What would they call a double quarter pounder in France if a quarter pounder is Royale with Cheese? LOL half their menu should be called that. I asked a staff member tonight and she said that the patties were quarter pounder ones and had extra cheese.

There are probably a few other differences but that was the main ones I can remember. The burger uses a new 5: It has more cheese, bigger bun and more sauce.

A new patty for the Grand Mac. The only difference in the new sandwiches is the size — they both are dressed with the ubiquitous lettuce, American cheese, pickles, onions, and special sauce and served on the traditional sesame seed bun. The Grand Mac comes on a bigger bun and features two 2. This reminds me of Dominos' tactics ie.

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The big mac hasn't changed in 10 years. The bun did shrink a couple of decades ago, filling used to all be well inside the bun rather than going all the way to the edge like it does now, but that's it. Nah, on https: Its just a Big Mac only close to a whopper size.

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So if you like Big Macs it is. If not you won't like this.

When i look up participating restaurants my local one is listed but when i go to order online it says not available here. Anyone know why? They should bring back the mega mac which was a big mac with 4 pieces of meat. Who gives a f k about extra sauce and lettuce in this grand crap. Not sure why you got down voted. Just ask for a Big Mac and add 2 extra If you feel shy, use the app or kiosk.