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Installing OS X with a broken optical drive

How to Eject Discs from Mac Pro Towers: Digital Clinic

go to site Thankfully, there are a number of work-arounds. One is to permanently install an eject icon in the toolbar menu situated at the top of your desktop. To do this, open up a Finder window and click "Macintosh HD.

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If you ever want to remove it, just hold the command key on your keyboard and drag the icon off of the menu bar. Another way to open the drive in a pinch: Open iTunes, click on "Controls," and select "Eject Disc.

Ejecting external optical drives in OS X

Or, if you are restarting your computer, holding down the mouse button during boot-up should do the trick. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Biggest Supermoon of the Year is Tonight.

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Those are your hard drives not your optical drives. Look in the "Disc Burning" Section of System profiler. Did you install the second optical drive. I installed a second internal DVD Drive into my mac pro (fully compatible Pioneer But I can't figure out a way to open the second drive door.

Apparently, Apple engineers had the need to test the Superdrive with non-MacBook Air computers themselves, so the driver already has an option built-in to work on officially unsupported machines! All you need to do is enable that option, as follows:. In fact Luz provides two options, one it seems is more reliable than the other. While it seems to work fine in many cases, some users ended up with their Mac not booting any more afterwards.

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While broken drives can be easily fixed or replaced, it does take your computer out of commission for the time it takes the repairs to be done. Only the above two configurations will fit in the optical drive bay of the Mac Pro. Kindle Edition Books. Posted on Oct 16, 7: Emailable Tech Support is a series of easy-to-share guides for the less tech savvy people in your life.

Is that possible? I do not want to disable my internal DVD drive. Thank you.

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The region encoding is set at a firmware level on the physical dvd device. This link seems to suggest is should work, and even a way to work around it with VLC before you buy a second DVD drive. I will try VLC, thanks so much.

How To Add Second A SSD to Replace Optical Drive MacBook Pro 2012

The point of using the FireWire enclosure is to connect it to a FireWire port for a faster connection. Maybe try copying the file to your desktop, editing that version and copying it back into the correct folder. This finally worked! I tried every other attempt through terminal and this is the easiest but effective.

I also had to copy the com.

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Help appreciated. Hi John, Thanks for checking out the blog. I can confirm that it works with the nvram command. However, some Macs have have other boot-args set already, which would get overwritten this way. And in my case, this also led to the Mac losing its boot disk setting, so it would boot into the Recovery system.

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Uh, correction on my last comment: And the last comment pointed out in the article above explains that as well, as I realize now. Hi Stanislav. Did you copy the file out of the original location, to somewhere like the Desktop, first to edit it? Thank you, thank you.

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Your tip solved it for me. The only thing I would add is the necessity to turn off SIP system integrity protection , otherwise one cannot modify the system file.